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Exile Studios

This one is IN PROGRESS - 20% Complete

This is a Creative Company featuring Writers, and Artists, etc who specialize in Comic Book Making. Approximately 12 or so of us on staff.

More information on the comics release and Kickstarter coming soon. 




2022 – Present

Target Platform


Design Process
  • Requirements
  • Wireframes
  • Research
  • User Testing
  • Design Iterations


I joined this company to help in the creation of 2 of the current comics. As well as some future endeavors.

Currently: One standard issue horror comic: “Nightmare Memories” in which I am doing the pencils, and one webcomic “Blessed Be” for which I am doing ALL the artwork (pencils, colors, covers). 

More information on the comics release and Kickstarter coming soon. 


I quickly sketched up some wires with the requirements. This included mockups and thumbnails.

We all collaborate via messenger and zoom calls to go over expectations and exchange the scripts for the various projects we are on. 

Remaining Work Left

We are just beginning on this, so I have mockups for characters done for “Blessed Be”, and some promo materials, and am beginning on the storyboards for the webcomic panels and pages. I am also just beginning on the storyboards and pencils for the “Nightmare Memories” comic as well.

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North Carolina, USA
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