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Have Game Will Travel

This one is IN PROGRESS - 75% Complete

This Gamification Website is meant to rival Facebook (but geared more for gamers – of all types – be it console gamers, tabletop gamers, live-action gamers, card or board game gamers, or miniature gamers). Picture mashing up Facebook with Roll20. 


Lead Web Developer/Designer + Lead UI/UX Designer + Graphic Designer + Programmer + SEO Manager


2021 – Present

Target Platform


Design Process
  • Requirements
  • Wireframes
  • Research
  • User Testing (pool of 80+ with varying demographics from all over the world)
  • Design Iterations
  • SEO Tracking, and Reporting
  • Website Design (including subsites)
  • Shopping Cart System Design
  • Mobile App Design x2 (one for website, one for dating app)


I am the creator/owner of the company “Have Game Will Travel” and it includes a custom-built social media website in which you can search for local games in the area to join in on or ones online that are looking for players. You can socialize with other gamers just as you would via Facebook. Post status updates, and let others know what games you are playing. Stream live from your TikTok or your Twitch stream, etc.

You can find other gamer friends by a set of criteria (local to you, or by the specific type of games they like, or by age, demographic, etc.). You can find events and conventions to go to and find hobby shops in your area using the custom-built mapping system, which also features a calendar system in which you can add the events and games to your own personal calendar or save it within the website for ease of access. There is a built-in messaging system with gifs, emoji etc, and upload capability in which you can chat with other members as well.

You can also customize your profile page with custom pictures, headers, and statuses, and display your ranks, badges, games, groups, and more. You can also post photos and videos to your feed too.

There is also a built-in tabletop roleplaying system in which you can generate maps, counters, encounters, NPCs, character sheets, etc. for your roleplaying game and even link it up to your discord so you can play a fully functional online game right from the website. 

A mobile app (with smaller more limited functionality compared to the desktop site) is also in the process of being built.  

Within the entire website, you can earn ranks and complete quests by just interacting with others and with the website itself. Various rewards can be converted into coins and points which can be used or spent for merch within the website as there is also a shopping cart and marketplace built into the site as well. You can choose whether to display your ranks and badges and completed quests or to hide them from others. 

There are also forums and groups you can join within the site, and you can also create and or moderate your own as well. 

On the side, there is also a dating site (“have game will date”) that is linked directly to the social media site where you can search for gamer men or women in your area (or nationwide) who are looking to date, in which to interact via a chat/emailing system and includes custom generated responses as well as emotes and gif system. You can subscribe to the dating service for even more features as well in the dating site. A separate mobile app is also being built for this.

The site is hosted on my private server, for ease of access and moderation purposes.  


I quickly sketched up some wires with the requirements, and what I want the site to be able to do.


My goal was to get the required features into an interface that was clean but very user-interactive and innovative while keeping to a social media site layout and functionality that we were all familiar with. I researched other sites similar to see what baseline to start with, as I wanted mine to be more expansive. I did a ton of research into what my server can handle, and how I would need to expand its limitations before I started the design and coding. From there I built the skeleton. 

Design + Testing

After reviewing the notes with an enlisted 10 or so other friends who also are either gamers or programmers (or both) I made changes to the skeleton as needed, making them mods for the soon beta launch. 

Remaining Work Left

There is still a fair bit left on this to do. The 2 mobile apps, as well as editing to the current functionality of the site, and its mapping system. Plus, I honestly need to bring about 3 other developers and programmers on board to monitor this as it was too big a project for just myself to monitor the site and associated databases with it, as well as building daily. I also want to bring on some more promoters and sponsors as well.

It is fully functional and operational at the moment but not ready for public launch just yet. IE: still in beta to the 100 or so current users.

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North Carolina, USA
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