JimmyCreatureStudios CASE STUDY

Jimmy Creature Studios

Jimmy Creature Studios is a merchandiser for hobby and game shops, in which he makes & sells materials needed for miniature and tabletop building.


UI/UX Designer + Senior Web Developer + Tech Support + SEO Manager


2020 – 2023

Target Platform


Design Process
  • Requirements
  • Wireframes
  • Research
  • User Testing
  • Design Iterations
  • SEO Tracking, and Reporting
  • Website Design and Launch
  • Branding Package


I was Contracted to Build a Branding Package (fliers, advertisements, business cards, logo, and seasonal promos). Plus a Full Website Build, Shopping Cart System, as well as SEO, and more.

The site is hosted on my private server, for ease of access and moderation. 

I also created how-to YouTube videos for the owner of the co to continue to add/remove products to his shopping cart system and moderate orders. 

Remaining Work Left

All that remains to complete this project is the last of his inventory from him, plus a test of the shopping cart and payment systems.

Feel free to send an email at
North Carolina, USA
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