Metalweaver's Creations CASE STUDY

Metalweaver's Creations

She is a jeweler specializing in chainmaille; located in the MA area. 


UI/UX Designer + Web Developer + Tech Support


2019 – 2023

Target Platform


Design Process
  • Requirements
  • Wireframes
  • Research
  • User Testing
  • Design Iterations


She wanted users to be able to sign up on her website to book tarot card readings based on her Google calendar, and for it to link to her store and charge the client based on what they picked.

Custom Calendar Booking Application custom-made to implement into her website.

I also created how-to YouTube videos for editing purposes and User Interface purposes so she knew how to view, edit, and modify her calendar as it showed up on her website. 

I also help her with website tech support from time to time as well, mostly with her shopping cart system. 

Feel free to send an email at
North Carolina, USA
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