RavenCove's Barony CASE STUDY

Raven's Cove Barony

This one is IN PROGRESS - 80% Complete

Ravens Cove Barony is a Barony within the Kingdom of Atlantia which is a part of the SCA (worldwide). SCA stands for Society of Creative Anachronism. The SCA is a live historical re-enactment group that spans the entire globe.


UI/UX Designer + Senior Web Developer


2022 – present

Target Platform


Design Process
  • Requirements
  • Wireframes
  • Research
  • User Testing
  • Design Iterations
  • SEO Tracking, and Reporting
  • Website Re-Design and Launch


I am the web minister for the barony of Raven’s Cove, as such I am responsible for their website (and affiliated sites within), and the barony’s newsletter each month.

They had a name and logo but that was it. They wanted to keep with the same color scheme of their logo but otherwise wanted a full redesign of their old site, as well as designs for all their sub-sites where their events are hosted. 

The site is hosted on my private server, for ease of access and moderation. 


I quickly sketched up some wires with the requirements.


My goal was to get the required features into an interface that was simple and clean but had the same feel in the color scheme they wanted but was more modern. Then we scheduled a call to go over everything. I asked open-ended questions to find out what they liked or wanted, what they were unsure of, and what they disliked. Next was to implement the changes, and follow up. It needed to function for iOS/Android as well as Desktop so I kept this in mind when designing.

Design + Testing

I implemented all the required changes and alterations while keeping the items they wanted. From there I began to build her shopping cart system, and all their sub-sites.

I setup the basic SEO package to get her started (editing her keywords, backlinks, etc) as needed. 

The site is hosted on my private server, for ease of access and moderation. 

Remaining Work Left

All that remains to complete this project is the last of the website images needed, finalizing the sub-sites, file uploads, plus a test of the shopping cart and payment systems.

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